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Videogame reviews: Bistro Days Demo

Note: This is the review of presented Visual Novel’s demo! 
The Demo’s length is of 30′ approximately.

The game’s premise:

The main character of this game is an aspiring food blogger who stumbles upon an appealing bistro while going on a walk. Curious to try the dishes and looking forward to share more content on your blog, you decide to enter the restaurant. To serve you is a very cute waitress named Lily, her behaviors and looks make an impact on you right away. In fact, after finishing the meal you can’t wait to visit the place again in order to see her.

While your blog is not presenting a high popularity, you can’t help but feel bothered by your mother always comparing you to your older brother Cypruss, who appears to be leading the typical “perfect life” people look forward to in their futures. Having a beautiful fiancée and a promising career he happens to make fun of you way too often and get on your nerves. You confirm that on a lunch together with you family at your mother’s place. Nonetheless, she is way too caring and gentle so you can’t help but go beyond her comments about your current lifestyle.

Before long you decide to come back to the bistro where you meet the owner and another waitress bearing a particular personality. After having a meal and a chat with the staff, you find a flyer about a certain flower festival where people tend to go in couples. Determined to find yourself a girl to invite at the festival, you start pondering about whom to choose…


Bistro Days is a choice-based Visual Novel presenting very clean sprites and pleasing to the eyes background art. The girls’ sprites are lovely as well as the English voice acting implemented partially during dialogues.
Main sceneries of the games consist of main character’s living place, outdoors and, of course, the bistro in question. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your gender as well as the name you’d like to be addressed by.
Laid back background music accompanies the whole story creating the typical slice of life atmosphere.


Good starting point for a demo, I would totally recommend the reading if looking for cute girls and an easy going reading.
Not recommended to public looking for a complicated plot and gameplay.

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